CR280 MINI ITX Enthusiast Gaming Case




  • The CR280 is the best of its kind, offering plenty of space for the largest GPUs and PSUs, but keeping a small size that makes it perfect to transport, it’s very small size opens plenty of possibilities, this little and yet powerful solution will eat very little space out of your desk at home or office, but allows for quite powerful PC. This was meant to perform incredible well, and will keep your Mini ITX cool and quite. Allowing the best of both worlds. (mini ITX solution with powerful GPU’s)


  • Mini-ITX
  • Standard
  • Tool Free
  • y
  • Y (1X120mm)
  • Y (Up to 10.5")
  • (Standard Size Only)
  • 1x 120mm
  • 1x 120mm
  • Not Included



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